Salaam for Yemen

Salaam for Yemen, compiled by hibernate and dronarivm. 100% of profits raised from this album will be donated to the charity War Child. Children and young people have the right to grow up free from fear and violence, to develop to their full potential and contribute to a peaceful future – for themselves and for their communities.

With The Green Kingdom, Isan, Hannu Karjalainen, Dalot, Olan Mill, Birds of Passage, øjeRum, Giulio Aldinucci, Phillip Bückle, Isnaj Dui, Sven Laux & Daniela Orvin, Hotel Neon, Anne Garner, Ekoplekz, Snow Palms, Maiya Hershey, Mind Over Midi, Aaron Martin, offthesky, Anjou, Anthéne, Olga Wojciechowska. Moss Covered Technology, Somni451, Pausal and Part Timer with Heidi Elva.

Artwork by Malcolm English
Released December 21st 2018 / thank you for your support
Cat. hb67 / DR-56

Postcard 40 / Gallery Six : Kazemakase

Postcard 40 comes from Gallery Six. To date, Hidekazu Imashige has been putting out sublime drones on the likes of Shimmering Moods, Unknown Tones and Archives to name a few. On Kazemakase, Hidekazu creates his uncluttered soundscapes using field recordings as source material alongside atmospheric synth washes.

A limited edition of 70 hand-numbered 3″ CDr collectible copies. Available from

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Postcard 39 / Andrew Tasselmyer : Maui

Postcard 39 comes from Andrew Tasselmyer. Also known as one third of the ambient super band Hotel Neon, Andrew has been putting out sublime drones on the likes of Fluid Audio, Home Normal, Archives and Polar Seas. On Maui, found sounds recorded on the island are paired with lush drones that induce a state of dream-like calm. Maui has been beautifully mastered by Tobias Hellkvist.

A limited edition of 70 hand-numbered 3″ CDr collectible copies. Available from

Pausal / Volume Flow

Volume Flow is the latest album from UK based duo Pausal, the audio and visual art project of Alex Smalley and Simon Bainton. It follows previous releases on labels such as Barge Recordings, Students of Decay, Own Records, Dronarivm and Infraction. Hibernate fans will be familiar with Alex’s solo work as Olan Mill and Simon’s 2013 album Visiting Tides. After exploring more experimental ideas with their last album Avifaunal (Dronarivm), the duo decided to return to their ambient roots to produce several lengthy improvised pieces which were later post-produced and edited down to form the tracks as they are now.

Alex and Simon are both deeply inspired by nature and the environment and aim to create sounds that resonate with the listener and form a similar picture in their minds. Volume Flow is an attempt to express their appreciation for all biological forms of nature with the word “Volume” in the title referring as much to the liquid state as it does to audio levels. The cover artwork is a piece from German artist Susanne Steinmann called “Rosa Landschaft” which seemed appropriate for the album and reminded the duo of a place close to home…

Mastered by Lawrence English and Porya Hatami
Artwork by Susanne Seinmann