Based in West Yorkshire, Hibernate was established almost a decade ago, and our catalogue to date contains well in excess of a hundred releases. Music enthusiast Jonathan Lees started the label in his spare time back in 2009 during a period when piracy was rife. It was a difficult time for smaller record labels, and outlets selling physical formats were struggling. Hibernate has never been in it for the money though. For us it’s all about showing our love and appreciation for the underground ambient scene; creating packages that will be cherished by collectors and using the opportunity to help those in need.

Jonathan was inspired at the outset by the handful of small labels — Earworm, Wurlitzer Jukebox and a few others — that put out 7” singles and EPs during the ‘90s. Hibernate’s schedule, with its limited numbers and aesthetic of hand-designed, numbered and carefully packaged CD and vinyl releases, is indicative of the love and attention to detail that Jonathan has invested in the label. The assembly of artists on Hibernate are united by a clear sense of organically-drawn simplicity; a fusion of the naturalistic and technological.

On our roster and in our library you will find a collection of artists from the UK and around the world. UK acts include: Olan Mill, Caught In The Wake Forever, Isnaj Dui, Ian Hawgood, Clem Leek, Wil Bolton, Konntinent, Antonymes, Spheruleus, Northerner, Talvihorros, Danny Saul, Memory Drawings, Glen Johnson and others. Our international artists are of the highest calibre and include: offthesky, Yann Novak, Field Rotation, Federico Durand, Chihei Hatakeyama, Felicia Atkinson, Danny Clay, Hakobune, Porya Hatami and many others.

We occassionally put on live shows and an array of artists have performed for us so far, including: Library Tapes, Relmic Statute, Svarte Greiner, Machinefabriek, Simon Scott, Pimmon, The Boats, Clem Leek, Talvihorros, Ithaca Trio, Isnaj Dui, Konntinnent, Ian Hawgood, Wil Bolton, Listening Mirror, Hybernation, Caught In The Wake Forever, Jasper TX, Danny Saul, Mark Templeton and many more.

To get in touch or send a demo, please email jonathan(at)