Salaam for Yemen, compiled by hibernate and dronarivm. 100% of profits raised from this album will be donated to the charity War Child. Children and young people have the right to grow up free from fear and violence, to develop to their full potential and contribute to a peaceful future – for themselves and for their communities.

With The Green Kingdom, Isan, Hannu Karjalainen, Dalot, Olan Mill, Birds of Passage, øjeRum, Giulio Aldinucci, Phillip Bückle, Isnaj Dui, Sven Laux & Daniela Orvin, Hotel Neon, Anne Garner, Ekoplekz, Snow Palms, Maiya Hershey, Mind Over Midi, Aaron Martin, offthesky, Anjou, Anthéne, Olga Wojciechowska. Moss Covered Technology, Somni451, Pausal and Part Timer with Heidi Elva.

Artwork by Malcolm English
Released December 21st 2018 / thank you for your support
Cat. hb67 / DR-56